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Seed Swapping 2015

I have finally organized my seed collection and am ready for swapping and winter-sowing!
I am willing to swap pretty much anything that I have in my stash, other than my corn, for interesting seeds that I do not have yet.
Link to stash:

Let me know if anyone is interested in trading!

Posted over 3 years ago


Folia Helper

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I have lots of Spider plants if anyone wants some.

Posted about 3 years ago


I’m kinda new at this. How did you organize you seed. I bought a whole bunch and I have no idea how to organize them. If you used a special program

Posted about 3 years ago

Hi Elijah,

Have you entered your seeds in your Folia ‘seed stash’ yet? This is the first step. They will then have an identifying code which is used to keep track of what you swap, where it goes, and if you want, to see how they have done in their new home.

If you need help with entering them go to the help section under stashes and follow.

Posted about 3 years ago

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