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Swap anyone?

Now that my last boy {31} left the Nest. I didn’t want to push too hard.
I can do What I love. I have 5 Acres here in Zone 6, all Flower gardens.
With over 270 Daylily Varieties
it won’t be hard for a newbie to find Something,
You should able to find something from your yard.
Trade Anyone? NO POSTAGE at this Time.
Plant or Bulb for Plant or Bulb
Seed for Seed
some are PLANTS and some are SEEDS
Some would need a Priority Box Trade.
Depending on there you live, and what is being sent.
I have Plants:
Flowering Quince
Kerria japonica ‘PICTA’- Double Japanese Rose zone 4-9
Rubeckia hirta – Brown Eye Susan zone 5-8
Euonymus alatus ‘Burning Bush’ zone
Lysimachia nummularis – Creeping jenny zone 4-8
Campanula takesimana – Bellringers zone 5-9
Euophorbia polychroma – Cushion Spurge zones 3-8,
Phlox paniculata – Tall Garden Phlox {Katherine} zones 4-8,
Philadelphus – Mockorange [Cuttings] zones4-8
Campsis radican – ‘Hummingbird Vine’ zone 4-9
Hall’s Honeysuckle Vine,
Blue-eyed Grass
‘Brushstrokes’ Tovara – Persicaria virginiana zone 4-8
“Honeybell” – Hosta zone 3-9
‘Spearmint’ – Metha spicata zone 4-11
Narrowleaf Blue-eyed Grass – Sisyrinchium angustifolium zone 4-9
Gooseberries – Ribes uva-crispa zone 2-9
Star of Bethleham Bulbs – Ornithogalum umbellatum zone 5-8
‘English Ivy’ – Hedera helix zone 4-9
‘Periwinkle’ Vinca minor {Blue and Red} zone 4-8
‘Tall Garden Phlox’ “Katherine” – Phlox davidii zone 3-9
Mock Strawberry – Duchesnea indica zone 3-9
‘Red Beebalm’ – Monarda zone 3-9
‘Ostrich Fern’ – Matteuccia struthiopteris zone 2-8
‘Native Tawny Daylily’ – Hemercallis falva zone 3-8
Iris zone 2-9
Creeping Jenny – Lysimachia nummularia zone 2-9
Autumn Olive – Elaeagnus umbellata zone 3-8
Hearts-a-Bustin’ – Euyoumus americana Zone
Bulblets of Turk’s Cap Lily – Lilium martagon zone 4-9
‘Creeping lilyturf’ – Liriope spicata Zone 4-
Clematis ‘Sweet Autumn’ zone 5-8
‘Lavender Lady Lilac’ {Shrub} – Syringa vulgaris Zone 2-9
Rubus ‘Darrow Blackberry’ zone 4-8,
Black Raspberries,
Orange Oriental Poppy,
Yellow Veriegated Achangel
Daylily Trade List: ‘Looking to trade for more Daylilies’
Black Eyed Stella
Black Friar
Sammy Russell
Eric Junior
Mixed Daylilies
Jo Barbre
Snow Valley
Scarlet Orbit
Kwanso Double Daylily

I have Seeds of:
“Brushstrokes” Tovara – Persicaria virginiana zone 4-8
Vernonia angustifolia ‘Ironweed’ zone 5-9
Hosta ‘Fried green Tomato’ White flowering zone 3-9
Money Plant – Lunaria annua zone 2-9
Dianthus {Pink, Red, Fushia, Mixed}
Cosmos “Bright Lights” Orange
Missouri Primrose
Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis fruticosa)
Climatis “Sweet Autumn”
Iris zone 2-9
Japanese Iris
“Caesar’s Brother” Siberian Iris
Chasmanthium latifolium ‘Northern Sea Oats’ zone 3-9 {Out til Fall}
Hemocallis ‘Daylilies’ Mix zones 2-9
Rose Campion – Lychnis coronaria zone 5-8
‘Joe-Pye-Weed’ – Eupatorium fistulosum zone 3-9
‘Nannyberry’ Viburnium lentago zone 2-8
‘Spiderwort’ – Tradescantia virginiana zone 4-9
‘Zig-Zag Spiderwort’ Tradescantia Subaspera zone 4-9
‘Little Doll Spiderwort’ – Tradescantia andersoniana zone 4-9
Mixed Spiderwort – zone 4-9
Fennel – Foeniculum vulgare zone 4-9
Coneflower Yellow – Echinacea paradoxa zone 4-8
Flowering Olive – Elaeagnus umbellata zone 3-8
Lathyrus latifolus ‘Perennial Sweet Pea’ {Pink} zone 4-9 {White}
White, Red and Fushia Pinks Sweet William
Petunia {Purple, Pink, Red, Mixed}
Osmunda cinnamonea ‘Cinnamon Fern’ Spores zone 2-10
Eupatorium rugosum ‘Chocolate Snakeroot’ zone 3-9
Alcea ‘Hollyhock’ White, Pink Single zone 3-8
Catalpa speciosa ‘Catalpa Tree’ zone 4-8
Aquilegia ‘Double Purple Columbine’ zone 3-9
Aquilegia canadensis ‘Red Eastern Columbine’ zone 3-9
Polygonatum commutatum ‘Giant or Great Solomon’s Seal’ zone 3-9
Cyclonia japonica ruba ‘FloweringQuince’
Concord Grapes
Hibiscus cocus ‘Red Hardy Hibiscus’ zone 5-9
Hibiscus “Southern Belle” White with Fushia Center, Dark Fushia
Rose of Sharon tree White and Pink
Celastrus scandens ‘Bittersweet Vine’ zones 3-8 {Out til Fall}
Metha ‘Spearmint’ zone
Campsis radican – ‘Hummingbird Vine’ zone 4-9
Blue Loosestrife
Pink Tatarian Honeysuckle Bush

Wants: Need a Bunch {Just for a reference}:
I’m redoing the Herb Garden Need: Orange, Lavender, Egyptian, Macho,
Moroccan, Banana, Habek Mint
Any hybrid Lily or Dayliliy, Daffodil, Snowdrop,
Toad Lily, Yellow Crocosmia that is just bulbs.
Lots of Perennials too: Leptodermis, Pieris, Mukdenia,Veronica, Silver Gem Violet,
Witch Alder (Fothergilla major and Fothergilla gardenii), White Spiderwort,
Yarrow {Rose/Purple}, Corydalis, Crowberry, Silverlace Vine, Giant Japanese Butterbur,
Datura {Yellow or Purple Swirl}, Sweetspire, Salt Cedar or Tamarix Bush, Astrantia,
Ferns: Regal Red, Ghost, Autunm Brilliance, Japanese Painted, Dryopteris erythrosora,
Grasses: {Hardy in Zone 5b}
Hakone Grass, Japanese Silvergrass, Blood Grass, Switchgrass, Blue Oat Grass
Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea, Named Hosta,
Showy Named Stonecrop, Sedum ‘Abbey Dore’, ‘Amber’,‘Munstead’
Perovskia, Edelweiss, Lewisia, Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalis,
Sedum "Raspberry or Cherry Truffle, Birthday Party, Beach or Pool Party, Autumn Charm,
Class Act, Frosty Morn, T-Rex, Bon-bon, Red Cauli, ‘Black Jack’, ‘Chocolate Drop’,
Sedum ‘Cloud Walker’ ‘Crystal Pink’, ‘Maestro’, ‘Picolette’, ‘Pinky’,
Royal Velvet mint – Melittis melissophyllum, Lily of the Valley Tree or Sourwood Sorrel,
Enkianthus, Mountain Golden Banner or Golden Pea,
Aspen Daisy, Sea Thrift, Meadowsweet, Summer Sweet, Hardy Ice Plant ‘Gold Nugget’
Mountain Banner- Golden Pea, Centaurea ‘Lemon Fluff’,
Lamium ‘Purple’, ‘Pink’, Mazus, Euphorbia ‘Tiny Time’,
Coreopsis ‘Route 66, Heaven’s Gate’, Perennial Aster,

Posted over 4 years ago

Hello Mamabear,
I would love to swap with you if you are still swapping.
My wants would be: plants of quince, kerria,Campsis radican – ‘Hummingbird Vine’, martagon lily,

From your list of wants, I have: yellow crocosmia in bulb, perennial aster, lamium purple/pink, peppermint, lemon balm, variegated carex grass, Veronica, peony. I am just starting to learn how to propagate and will have red twig dogwood, Enkianthus and fothergilla.
If any of these sound swapable, please email me

Posted about 1 year ago

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