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Swaps for the northern winter!

Hi all,

I’m coming out of a long folia hibernation with a bunch of vegetable seeds to swap. My swap list contains some fairly old seeds (going back to 2007, geez), but over the last two weeks I conducted germination tests and I didn’t put anything on the swap list that didn’t germinate well. Plus, I went through and listed germination data in each entry’s description.

Please take a look at my swap list and send me a message if you’re interested in anything on it. I am open to pretty unequal swaps — the seed catalogs are coming in and I would like to unload some of this older stock in favor of exciting new stuff. ;)

Posted over 5 years ago

Hi! Wendolen, I am interested in your nasturtium Alaska, Scallions Kincho, Staghorn Seeds, and radish ’amethyst hybrid.

Please, check my swap and stash and see if you are interested in any of my seeds. I do collect a lot from my own plants.



Posted over 5 years ago

I’m sorry to say that the Alaska Nasturtiums were planted a while ago and I overlooked removing them from my stash. When I scanned the swap list before posting to the group, I didn’t catch that they were on it. I have corrected that (and added a couple of poppies to the swap list).

Kevalsha, I’ll send you a message about swappins. :)

Posted over 5 years ago

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