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Rocambole Hard Neck Garlic Seed Bulbs and bulblets for trade..

Would like to trade for Like material. Soft or Hard Neck known variety of Allium sativum.

In the top right of the picture is a whole clove. It of course isn’t for trade.

Trade whole bulb for whole Bulb or Clove of known variety
specified amount of bulblets

I will only be trading 10-12 whole bulbs total (they will not be the smallest but also not the Largest) I prefer the Hotter varieties myself. This is a HOT variety. This variety doesn’t store well so it must be sowed soon. See LINK

I have other seed & possibly some cuttings for trade as well.

(North America Only please)

Posted over 5 years ago

Do you have names for your garlic bulbil seeds? If there is a chance for possible trade, I have German Hardneck and only a little of Susan D Thanks

Posted over 5 years ago

No unfortunately but i have eaten most named vars. and this one with its heat is in a class of its own. I planted my own & stored the other in a buried freezer box in our basement. The ones Ive planted have been almost 70% sprouts for late a season snack. I haven’t eaten any yet (to young) but i can assume it’ll be a barn burner.

Posted over 5 years ago

Ok, unfortunately I have to many unnamed and am trying to grow only named ones but I thank you very much for answering my post and maybe next summer/fall we could do a trade? I will have many other named ones to trade with by then also.

Posted over 5 years ago

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Posted over 3 years ago

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