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Rosemary ct verbenone

Hi there
Could anyone please advise or explain to me:
How does one classify Rosemary as to a type?
Is there more than one type of verbenone?
If there is how do you classify it?
Thank you

Posted 10 months ago


Folia Helper

United States6b

I’m not completely sure, but what I think you are asking is how to enter it into the plantings.

If so, you would enter it as Rosmarinus officinalis “verbenone”

That is, in the categories section it would be plant type “herb”.

Then down in the classification section, you would need to add a new plant/variety.
Here, you would fill in the blanks so that the common name is what you know it as. The next blank is the cultivar or variety, and that’s where you put the verbenone in. In the botanical name section is where Rosmarinus officinalis goes.

Hope that helps.

Posted 10 months ago

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