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Amaryllis for Christmas 2017



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For once I decided this week I would water a few of my Amaryllis to get them to flower for Christmas 2017. This is not something I would normally do as I generally prefer them to flower at their own time. In fact it is the first time ever for me to try this!

Another reason for not doing this other times is what do I do with the plants after they have finished flowering? The leaves grow so long that they are a nuisance inside the flat & I can’t put them out on the balcony for fear they maybe killed off by a frost!

I watered about half a dozen pots that weren’t taken to their winter quarters, in a big shed in his garden, by my son a couple of weeks ago. I’d forgotten a few pots on the kitchen windowsill & when I did rediscover them I couldn’t be bothered to ask my son to pick them up as well. Anyway they weren’t causing any problems where they are in the kitchen windowsill. I may even water another half a dozen in a week or two so they flower in the New Year!

Posted 28 days ago

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