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plant id sought

this is in my garden box (planted by myself and 2 children) and have NO idea if we planted it or if its a volunteer.
There have been no flowers and there is no root veggie.
want t11o begin fall/winter plantings so about to pull it up……..?…!

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photo 2

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photo 3

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phot 4 (and final:)

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Sorry for the late response, I’ve been away. Back home now and back onboard.

To me, the leaves look very much like young papaya leaves, the stem of the third photo also resembles papaya. So, if you are in a tropical or sub-tropical zone that would be my best guess. Did anyone happen to discard a papaya in the compost? They will volunteer easily under favourable conditions. I’ve had many a one pop up in the compost.

My next suggestion would be a plant of the morning glory family – among which there are many weedy species depending upon your climate zone.

Outside the tropics – perhaps maple? The leaf is maple-like in appearance, but the stem is questionable.

I’ve conducted a few image searches and papaya, maple, oak leaf have all been returned, with papaya the closest match to date, but I’ll keep looking. Hope this helps a little.

Anyone else out there have any ideas? All comments welcome.

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It looks like a Papaya to me?

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Pic 2 papaya plant from seed < 1year in 6 " container.

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Papaya pic 3 <1 year old Papaya.

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how much time it takes to give fruit Maxisong

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Hello Maxisong, and welcome to Folia.

I had some papaya seeds germinate beside my compost bin about a year and a half ago. Most are nearly as tall as me now, that’s 5 ft 1 inch or about 155 cms, and they are currently in flower. So, I think I should get fruit around December. Faster maturing plants may even surprise me with fruit mid to late spring (October, November) and depending upon if you use them green or wait for the fruit to fully ripen you could harvest earlier or later.

So, on average I would estimate up to 2 years from seed to fruit.

Hope this answers your question.

Posted 10 months ago

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