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Worms and Worm bin plans

Any body have worms they would sale I would also love to get some plans of worm bins that worked best for you. I am also a cutting and seed swap-er. Thanks Tom

Posted over 1 year ago


I have two worm bins from
One bin compost dog poop and the other bin composts stuff that the dogs and chickens won’t eat, like onion skins and potato peelings.

The WormCity design works well for me. Trays are stacked on top, as they are filled with stuff that needs the worms’ attention, the worms gradually, over period of about a year, eat their way upwards through the stack. The compost is harvested from the lowest tray. Worm tea can be collected from a tap in the sump.

The ‘WormCity’ is sturdy and functional, it has been in use for about four years, and it is still as as good as new, and I have not had to supplement or replace the original worms

I realise that WormCity is a British company but may be you can check out their design and see if you can find something similar nearer to your home?

Posted over 1 year ago

I have a worm bin from The Worm Factory. The original is 3 tiers but I bought an extra tray. My worms are happier when the temperature cools down and they do not like the temperatures in the zone 9 Florida summers. There are companies that will also sell the worms. I think the Worm Factory will also sell them.

Posted over 1 year ago

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