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An African Hospital Garden

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share my blog, because it tells you about the ecological and environmental solutions I am using as part of our hospital garden.

I welcome comments and suggestions.

For the past 18 months, I have been working as the Construction Project Manager for Kivulini Maternity Centre in Arusha, Tanzania. The construction is just about finished, and now I am starting to devote my time to the garden, which I want to make an integral part of the experience of being a patient in the hospital.

My aim is create and ecological and economic model for other institutions of this type to follow, in Africa and perhaps even further afield.

In my blog: An African Hospital Garden, I share my thoughts on what I hope to achieve, and the daily reality. Much of what I am writing about will not be relevant for gardeners in Europe, but I hope it will be interesting and I look forward to receiving comments and advice from gardeners who will be much, much more experienced than I am.

Posted 12 months ago

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