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Dianthus 'Pink Kisses' on balcony during 2017



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Some weeks ago my wife& I were doing some shopping in town when we came across these Dianthus, called ‘Pink Kisses’. My wife especially liked them so we bought a pot. a week or so later we saw they had some more so we bought 2 more pots. The first pot has spent all its time in our living room where it continues to do quite well. After a few days in the living room the other 2 pots went out onto the balcony. They have made a lot of new growth & there are no end of buds growing up. These will begin to open in a few days time. I hope to get some cuttings from them soon so I can continue to grow them on our balcony & have a few in reserve in case the original plants don’t make it through the winter. Even though they are hardly plants I always like to have a few cuttings of many of my plants to over winter as we can never tell what sort of winter we may have.

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