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Begonias in hanging baskets on the balcony



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This year I’ve planted more Begonias in the hanging baskets on our balcony. Last year two in the wicker hanging basket grew & flowered for their 2nd year. This year one of them has survived & is growing away nicely. I haven’t seen the other & can only assume it has died.

A few weeks ago I planted other Begonia tubers in two big, black plastic baskets which I later hung on the walls at either end of the balcony. One is making much more progress than the other but I expect in a few weeks time I won’t be able to tell the difference between them.

Just today I put 2 more in a hanging basket; one is the normal bush Begonia, a yellow double, (enormous yellow blooms last year!) , the other is a trailing variety, Salmon pink.

I have a double white which has made a massive tuber. It seemed to be alive a couple of weeks ago when I emptied out of the small, temporally pot I have it in, yet it has still made no growth. I don’t want to disturb it again but I fear I have lost it.

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