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Begonias double mixed started off on balcony



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The Begonia double mixed tubers I saved over the winter have now been started off on the balcony. The first sprouts are now a few cm high. I have them hardening off in a plastic covered metal frame on a big white table in the most sheltered corner of the balcony.

I hope they will have started to flower by the end of May as I want to plant them out in the same clay pots they were in last year. At the moment the pots are occupied by Rockery Narcissi ‘Minnow’ & ‘Hawera’. These were originally overplanted with a Pansy in each pot for winter colour. Unfortunately the great majority of the Pansies died inexplicably. A couple have survived & are flowering but my plan was that all the pots should have colour during the winter & when the spring flush came about the flowers would help cover the leaves up a bit till I could remove the bulbs from the pots. Well that was my plan anyway! Now the pots will have to remain a month on the balcony railings with the dying leaves of the Daffs & no flowers.

Posted almost 3 years ago

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