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Four Fuchsias from Dick on balcony



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I have 4 new Fuchsias that came from my friend at church, Dick. I’ve since repotted them & now they are outside on our balcony! Dick gave me them because he has no room in his tiny garden but he was given them by his daughter. They were originally planted in big clay pots but as his daughter wanted the pots back I had to remove them from the pots & put them in four big plastic pots with fresh compost.

They are lovely plants & I hope to keep them for several years, at least! Three are trained as small standards but the other is untrained. I pruned off several very low branches & used them as cuttings. I hope these will root. I cut the branches up into a couple of cutting each so if they do root I will end up with another 10 plants!!!

I don’t have a photo yet of all 4 together but I do have a couple of photos of the first 2 he gave me together.

Posted 9 days ago

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