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'Toscana' & 'Delizz' in baskets



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‘Toscana’ & ‘Delizz’ in baskets on the balcony 2018.

My son gave me a Strawberry plant which he had put in a wicker hanging basket for Father’s Day here in the UK, (June 17th) This was a very deep pink one called ‘Toscana’ which also had a few fruits forming as well. He also gave me a 2nd plant, in a normal pot as he had originally intended to put them both in the same basket but after putting ‘Toscana’ in the basket he discovered there wasn’t enough room for the 2nd plant. I told him I appreciated the plants & not to worry as I had a couple of spare baskets at home & sufficient compost to plant ‘Delizz’ in one.

Since putting them in the baskets & hanging them up on the balcony they have done very well in spite of the very high temperatures we have been having more or less since he gave me them. Most days for the last month have seen very high temperatures (for the UK!) of around 30C! No rain has fallen for the last month either! The poor plants have had to put up with strong sunshine every day from around 11am to 9pm as well as the heat. A few of my plants have actually shriveled up because of it!

On Saturday when our grandkids come round I shall let them pick the first of the fruits that are ready. Every year they help me pick my tomatoes from the plants I have grown on the balcony.

Posted 3 months ago

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