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When do strawberries start producing runners?

I planted some Strawberry plants in a clothes basket lined with a polyester blanket to keep the dirt in. So far they are growing slowly and bearing a few berries. But no runners have started yet. When do they produce runners? I’m looking forward to some runners to fill in the rest of the empty holes in the laundry basket. I bought a bunch of bare-root strawberries to complement the live plants. But the bare-root ones never came to life. I live and I learn!

Posted about 7 years ago

It’s the end of August, and my strawberries now have just a few runners forming. I’m a little surprised how long it took. But I’ll try to get them to root in some peat pellets and then to plant them on the sides of my strawberry laundry basket planter on my patio.

Posted almost 7 years ago

It depends on the variety of Strawberries. June bearing start producing runners in about 30 days after berry production is complete. Everbearing produce runners between the three berry production periods, but only a few. Day Neutral don’t produce many runners because the plants produce berries non-stop.

Posted almost 7 years ago

Thanks, hotwired! Mine are everbearing, so that answers my original question. I’ve not been able to notice the 3 berry production periods in my strawberries. I’ve found just a berry or two now and then. Perhaps next year things will be more clear with a few more plants.

One thing, right or wrong, that I learned this year, is to NOT buy bare-root plants in cute little plastic bags with some peat moss thrown in. All of those that I bought and planted never turned green at all. Your Mileage May Vary!

Posted almost 7 years ago


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My spouse has ordered bare root strawberries several times, and if I remember to ask him he can probably tell me from what company if the info is desired. We’ve had very good luck with ours growing and don’t lose many. The last batch got put in the ground, but the batch before is still out front in pots.

A few started runners in July. More of them are doing it now, with a lot of runners. This may match up with what hotwired said, as we usually have some everbearing and some that are just Junebearing. But they are at least two years old and I think there were fewer runners last year.

The plastic bag method seems to be iffy for lots of plants — the fresher they are, the better luck I’ve had, but even bulbs seem to go bad in those packages over a season.

Posted almost 7 years ago

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