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Growing vegetables indoors year-round

I’m about done with my indoor seed-starting area with 5 shop lights hung above my Dining Room table shoved next to a South-facing window for this spring.

I bought some 48 inch wide by 18 inch deep wire shelving and will soon have it set up in my office next to a West-facing window, shaded by CrepeMyrtle trees. Why? because that’s what I have available without tieing up the Dining Room!

My plan is to use it for seed-starting in spring, and to grow vegetables there the rest of the year. I’m thinking early-on of trying Sugar Snap peas, since my outside planting took forever to sprout, and now it’s getting too hot out for them to be happy. Thus my interest in this specific group.

Anyone here with experience growing vegetables indoors year-round under shop lights care to share what works well for you, what does not, and some considerations?

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I did a little web-searching about indoor vegetable growing. I found a little here and there. But mostly I found info about growing much higher-value and much less legal plants indoors under lights! No, I’m not going there!

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Recently, there was a program on the Belgian television about urban vegetable gardens. One of the ‘gardens’ shown was an indoor ‘window’ garden, that looked like the first window shown in this article

The owner of that garden in Antwerp had most herbs and salads in her window.

Posted almost 6 years ago

Thanks, Anne, for sharing that interesting article with links to lots of interesting photos and a place to buy or to build the equipment.

I wonder how their experiment with the paper root covers worked out. I’ve read about having algae growth problems in similar hydroponic growing systems.

Posted almost 6 years ago

My indoor shelving with shop lights is still acting as shelving! But I have several things in mind to use it for, starting some time soon. Perhaps when I get a Round Tuit!

One is to raise cabbage, broccoil, brussels sprouts, etc. plants for this fall. And perhaps the shorter ones like cabbage could grow indoors if I still have open shelf space under the lights.

Another is to try indoor Sugar Snap Peas. It will be a long time till I can raise them outdoors again. Indoors they should not be bothered by the Hot Summer. I had some bush Sugar Snap Peas, but I used them all up this spring. Guess I should either look for some more or plan to shear them when they reach the shop light. Under the shop lights, they may not grow as high anyway. So I may just try the regular climbing seed that I already have on hand.

A third possibility is growing Lettuce indoors. That which I raised from seed indoors and I potted up outdoors never got all that big, were attacked and eaten badly, and have since died. I also got some systemic stuff for vegetables that should keep whiteflys from being an indoor problem. I’ll mix it in my watering water, along with the ferrilizer. And I have lots of Dipel. But surely I would need to apply that indoors.

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I recently started using one shelf of my indoor seed-starting and plant-growing area. When the West sun comes in the window, late in the afternoon, the brightness overwhelms the shop lights. So I’m not sure how well this will work for me during any time that I can set my trays of plants outside during the sunny days. I’ve been carrying them back and forth out to my patio picnic table. What a chore! And I cannot really tell that my plants are growing any faster as a result of 95 degree days and intense sun.

The one thing my indoor setup has is loooooooong days, no rabbits!, no bugs and butterflys, and I can water my plants and tend to them without going out into the muggy weather! I guess that was 4 things.

Posted over 5 years ago

I just took some photos of my indoor seed-starting and hopefully vegetable-growing year-round setup.

I’d sure appreciate if someone here on Folia who grows veggies indoors year-round would pipe up so I know who they are and I can follow their indoor veggie gardening over some time.

Jim Marconnet

Posted over 5 years ago

I reached a Huge milestone today. I saw 6 green beans forming on my indoor bush bean plants!

My question on whether the shop lights had what it takes wavelength-wise to set vegetables has been answered!

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