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Lidl 40 litre Multi Purpose Compost

Seen today at an Exeter branch of Lidl 40 litres multi purpose compost for £1.98 a bag

Posted 9 months ago


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United Kingdom8a

Have to pop by our local store & see if they have any there!

Posted 9 months ago

You have to be a bit careful with cheap compost – not all compost is created equal. However, I was browsing a Which magazine in the local library yesterday (April 2018 edition) and I think the Lidl multipurpose stuff was singled out as being excellent in their tests as well as very inexpensive… so I hope you managed to load up!


Posted 9 months ago

Hello Wulf,

Thank you for the advice about the compost. Yes I got some bags. As I am visiting Exeter tomorrow I hope to get some more before all the locals catch on!!!

Best, Greg

Posted 9 months ago | Last edited 9 months ago

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