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Checking In and Catching Up

Just saying hello and catching up with my fellow Folians. Wondering where everyone is, and what’s going on in your gardens? My garden is somewhat wet at the moment.

We’ve been away for a few weeks, catching up with friends and relatives further south. We managed to escape some of the oppressive February heat, only to return home Thursday evening just in time to be cut off from civilisation by rising floodwaters. As we neared home we had to use the southbound lane on the Bruce Highway at Coolbie as water was covering the northbound lane. It was rather disconcerting driving along but it wasn’t far and we were soon home.

Friday the Highway was completely closed at Coolbie to the south, and Helen’s Hill, Francis and Cattle Creeks to the north, effectively turning Bambaroo into an island.

Today roads are still closed and Ingham to our north is completely flooded. Our district, the Hinchinbrook Shire, has once again been declared a natural disaster area. Flood levels this time have exceeded the 2009 flood levels which were rather devastating. I am so very grateful that our house does not flood. I can live with a creek and lake forming in the garden as long as the house is high and dry.

Photo: Driving home.

Posted 2 months ago | Last edited 2 months ago

Hello Carol,
Sorry to hear of your floods, they have certainly been bad, at least you were able to reach home.
We certainly live in a diverse country, don’t we?
We would love some of your water down here, everything is so dry.

Am about to attempt to renovate some of my beds before winter, and of course it is time to plant our spring bulbs.

There are some of us still on the site I suspect, but we are probably busier in our gardens than on computers. I seem to have little spurts of being on Folia, but it is certainly great for keeping records. It’s interesting to see our seasons changing over the years as I look back.

I don’t know your area, furthest north I’ve been is Fraser Island, although I’ve spent time in Toowoomba and Sunshine Coast.

Good luck with the receding waters, and hope not too much damage to property.

Posted 2 months ago

I hadn’t received an email from folia in a very long time when this suddenly popped up today…..looks like the Austrakian – New Zealand group is dead?

Posted 7 days ago

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