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G'day from the Northern Tablelands, Celtic Country, NSW

Howdy all !

Found Folia while checking plants & decided to fill in my “blog spot” in case someone could use the info I have found.

I have a 9 × 21m enclosed garden which I grow a variety of veges & herbs. I started out with 3 enclosed concrete beds 1 × 2m to see what would grow here. With a huge variety of native & feral animals visiting I realized I’d need much more to protect my plants. Every day I get roos & wallabys come in & the occasional deer.

I came up with the idea of using the timber & roofing from the garage that needed replaced due to termites. Cementing in the posts every 3m the sheeting fitted perfectly between them. On top of these I put chicken wire to an overall height of 2m. I still get the occasional visitor (possums) but they dont seem to cause too many problems.

Living up here means my growing season is shortened due to frosts. From Melbourne Cup day to Anzac Day is the usual season so need to start seedlings inside for a month or 2 in order to “cheat” the weather.

I try to grow as many varieties of tomato as I can being careful to keep them separated as much as possible in order to not allow them to cross breed. I am after giant tomato’s with the flavour / sweetness of my smaller varieties.

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Always good to hear and see how others are doing it, and that’s an impressive set up you have judging by your garden photos.
We’re taking a break inside at the moment from the extreme heat, but can certainly identify with those frosts too.

Hopefully we’ll see more of your gardens and efforts, so good luck with it.

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Thanks mate!
Been trying to add all the veges I have & adding pics to each of them which is a huge task. The hardest thing was getting the soil to be productive by adding 2 tons of cow manure over 2 years.
Trying to beat the frosts & hail storms is always a huge gamble but well worthwhile when tasting produce you have grown yourself without having to use chemicals. I have just over 100 tomato plants this year so should be able to keep the freezer topped up with plenty of containers filled with pulp. I may even make my own tomato sauce this year.
I will have plenty of seeds to swap with others who wish to grow some old style tasty tomato’s by April.
In the future I’d like to have a greenhouse & a poly tunnel to lengthen my growing season.

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Welcome to Folia

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Welcome Looking forward to your input…

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I’ve just found this group so a somewhat belated welcome to you. Looking forward to seeing your garden develop. Wow, you must love ‘marters! 40 is the most I’ve managed in a season but needed to be here all summer to tend them. Now not so many as DS2 has to look after them for 2 × 2 week periods when I’m away. Hope you’ve had a good harvest.

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I had a mixed season this year. The cherry tomatoes I had so many I ended up freezing about 10 medium freezer bags full as it was impossible to eat them all. With the larger varieties, I put them in hot water after splitting the skins. After peeling, they were put into a pot & boiled for a few minutes before using a stick blender to break them down further before putting the pulp into empty margarine containers & freezing them. I ended up with 88 containers of pulp which will be used mainly in pasta dishes.

The best ones that produced huge crops were Rouge De Mormonde, Ailsa Craig, Money Maker, Grosse Lisse & Roma. Oxhearts had varying successes although I did get some blossom end rot.

I also had a fair crop of beans, cucumbers, zucchini’s, capsicums & pumpkins.

Next year I plan on grading the entire plot until flat then having trenches dug to about 1m deep which will be filled with well rotted cow manure. I am also going to get some arc mesh in which to grow just a few types of tomatoes on one side with cucumbers & beans on the other. I am going to concentrate mainly on Ailsa Craig, Money Maker, Roma & Rouge De Mormonde in around 3 – 4 rows each to maximize production.

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That was certainly a bountiful harvest!

I’ve had past gluts of tomatoes, mainly the wild cherry type which volunteer in my garden from time to time. I froze them whole and just threw them into the pot when needed for cooking, and I recall making a few bottles of pasta sauce as well.

I find it very interesting reading which tomato varieties gave you the best harvests. I put some Oxheart seeds in a few years ago, and had very poor results with germination. I think I ended up with one plant, and that one plant produced one tomato! Perhaps I just had a bad batch of seeds. However, I will now keep in mind the other varieties you listed and try them out. Thanks for your input, it is very informative.

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Thanks for the feedback Carol. I have grown Money Maker over the years in different locations & love the taste of them. Since moving here 7 yrs ago, I have been trying different types of veges to see what grows best here. Looking through plant sites I find it best to try different types each year until you find ones that work then use those as your main types. The cherry varieties this year took me by surprise as 2 were supposedly giant tomatoes but looked more like red pear variety with differing flavours. I will try giant types again next year in the search for longer growing season as long as the frosts dont come too early.
I am considering growing tunnels to increase my season & stopping caterpillars from infesting my brassicas. I am also considering getting a beehive as there is a great new system on the market & I have lots of flowering natives around my farm. Worth checking out FLOW HIVE Systems.

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