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Gardening in the Wimmera at Horsham, Victoria

I started taking an interest in gardening about twelve year ago. I didn’t believe I could get so much pleasure from gardening, although I had read others do. I enjoy growing something different to the norm, although we do have very hot summers and frosts to work around. That makes it all the more a challenge!! I find our garden creates a lot of excitement, I walk around outside several times every day to check out which plant is flowering, fruiting etc. We have two raised garden beds where we grow our own vegies, we have a Satsuma blood plum and a lime and lemon in half barrels. We have a compost bin and a worm farm to help with our gardening.

Posted about 5 years ago

Hi Wendoula

Yes, Horsham probably has warmer summers than Castlemaine but not by much. One of my favourite ABC presenters comes from your neck of the woods and my son lived there for a number of years.

Love Satsuma plums, I’ve bottled a lot of them in my time and they make a great plum jam as well.

I couldn’t find a caption for your photo – is it one of the Lithops?

Posted about 5 years ago

Hi and I am in Murtoa! My vegie gardening is done in broccoli boxes mostly

Posted about 5 years ago

Hi Mamacrystal,
Broccoli boxes are great, aren’t they? I planted lettuce and rocket in them last year, they self-seeded and now I have loads of rocket and tiny lettuce seedlings.
Now I have some large raised beds, so need to work a little harder.

Posted about 5 years ago

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