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Another newbie says Hi!


I’m new to Folia, so just thought I’d say hello. I currently live in Launceston (but really, and always will be, and Adelaide girl), have been here 5.5 yrs and am moving to Hobart next year (probably for good).
This year 2010, is my year to prove to myself that I can grow stuff (and actually keep it alive until harvest) on a small scale. My vegies are planted in my flower beds since i have no other room, which means I haven’t been able to plant a tenth of the things i’d love to, and it all seems much harder than if I just had a designated vegie garden.
I dream of having a small piece of acreage (approx five acres) filled with a huge organic vegetable garden to be pretty much self sufficient, lots of heirloom vegetables of interesting colours and varieties to amaze my kids (to be….none yet), a huge range of fruit trees and even a few nut trees maybe.
I’m looking forward to seeing what other people on this site are planting, and what advice and comments they have to give. Right now, I have a lot to learn.
But at the moment,my dream is just a dream, and for now, I’ll be really happy when my tomatoes and capsicums start to fruit so I’ve harvested something other than salad leaves, spinach and silverbeet……

Posted over 8 years ago


Folia Helper


Welcome Fifi,
That’s a nice dream, 5 acres would be nice – lets hope we each get there. :-)
It shouldn’t be long and all those tomatoes will be fruiting, then you’ll have confirmed your abilities and there will be no turning back.
There’s plenty to wet your appetite here on Folia so continue reading and start planning. In the meantime, we hope to see your garden thrive.

Posted over 8 years ago

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