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I’m a very amateur gardener, who has just moved in to a new place in Drouin, Gippsland. We now have five acres of part paddock, part established garden. To be honest I’m a little overwhelmed by the garden – it’s abundant. I’ll try and list the fruit trees that are here, but I’m at a loss to list all of the ornamental trees and plants.

5 x apples (4 red, one golden)
5 x lemon (various)
2 x orange (valencia and navel)
1 x grapefruit
1 x cumquat
2 x mandarine
1 x lime
1 x blood plum
1 x cherry
1 x fig
various stone fruit trees that haven’t fruited yet, so we don’t know what they are.

We also have strawberries, raspberries and loganberries.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve added blueberries, potatoes, silverbeet, capsicum, peas and an avocado tree that the nursery assures me will grow in my rather cold but frost-free location.

My plan is to jump in head first, make mistakes and learn a lot, possibly reduce the number of trees to something a tad more manageable, and enjoy growing my own food.


Posted over 8 years ago


Folia Helper


Greetings Monica, That’s a nice size block, colour me green for envy! Better to be overwhelmed with an established garden I feel than starting from scratch too. Hopefully there are a few mysteries to solve amongst the abundance. ;-)

You’ve got a couple of neighbours over there so you’re not alone either. If you have a look at the map page for Australia and specify your location as Drouin, Victoria – so that the map repositions itself – then you should be able to find your immediate neighbours, although it looks like Warrigal has become a place holder for Australia?
It’s a good idea to refine your location too – under your settings tab – as it helps the database to provide appropriate information to your dashboard (eg: what’s being planted, harvested etc. in your area). This feedback and information that Myfolia provides is one of the many excellent features of the site, unfortunately it’s not evident from the start. Give it enough information and it will provide though.

Have fun with Folia, it sounds like it will feel your needs nicely and especially so if you get all the existing plants entered; eventually though as these things can’t be rushed if there’s actual gardening to do :-)
Jumping in headfirst with the garden sounds like an excellent plan too, you will learn a lot and the mistakes won’t really be mistakes, more like refinements to the master plan. – lol! It sounds like it will be forgiving of a few small ones.

Good luck, and we hope to see your garden grow online.

Posted over 8 years ago

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