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Tiger Worms from the Worm Farm to the Garden - 10 years Later?

Here’s the rub, way back in 1998 we helped out with some community gardening and supporting people with disabilities and making garden beds and a part of it was getting a worm farm up and running.

Now, at this time (1998) there was a commercial arrangement where this group would buy tiger worms in 5kg lots for a set price, so it made sense to establish an agreement.

We worked with the group for a good twelve months before the operation fell over -the buyers stopped paying, but at our end we were pumping out 35kg of tiger worms each week by feeding cow manure and pet food waste. That’s a lot of worms!

And suddenly it was all redundant.

Anyway, long story short I planted up a Tahitian lime back then in basically pure vermicast, riddled with tiger worms. Funny thing is, just today my daughter and I picked out a half cup of tiger worms without any special attention and were amazed the worms were still there, and in numbers!

Is this to be expected after 10 years?

And will the worms still be there now we have moved a handful of them onto the fringes of my compost heap where I have planted out some watermelon seedlings that are thriving?


Posted over 8 years ago


Folia Helper


From all accounts it does sound unusual, everything I’ve read says that they will only breed if there is ample food and that composting worms were ‘different’ to earthworms. I might have to go and revisit those texts!
If they were in abundance after all that time, removing a few wouldn’t make that much difference to their health, or environment. Sounds like you have a red thumb when it comes to the soil helpers. :-)

Posted over 8 years ago

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