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New to Folia!

Hi all; I have just joined folia and am finding my way, was a bit confusing to start using programs (Picassa) and this that I wasn’t familar with, am working it out slowly.

I’m on a mission to get a bumper passionfruit crop this summer/spring. Can anyone tell me how long on average they take to ripen?

I also have a small section {south facing} against our side fence [brick wall] that we are going to use as a vegie patch; Can anyone suggest what might grow well? I really mean something easy not finiky as I don’t really have green thumbs and also the kids want to be involved. (this location does get some sun but is in shade most of the day – the passionfruit is in the prime location – north facing)

I’m in North Curl Curl; Northern Beaches of Sydney


Posted over 8 years ago

The best bet with the passionfruit is to wait until they fall from the vine, a sure sign they are ready.

Posted over 8 years ago

Hi and welcome
When you say some sun how many hours would it be ?
Most veggies require a minimum of about 6 hours of sun a day to grow their best, im not saying they will not grow, you might just find they will not produce or grow to the same level as they would in full sun and you and the kids may be disappointed.

But give it a go and see what happens,

My advise would be to relocate the veggie bed so it gets full sun, a no" dig garden is cheap and easy enough to put together or try polystyrene boxes, everything can grow in them, just put them in full sun, that way you will get the most out of your plants.
good luck

Here is a link to a landcare sunflower challenge you and the kids might enjoy this

Posted over 8 years ago

I live in a valley that gets limited direct light year-round – things grow very slowly in winter, when we only get 2-3 hours! But everything still grows, and my patch is up near a wall, where it gets some radiant heat – I’ve also seen people use a mirror to increase sunlight hours.

Peas grew fine over winter (and were a hit with the kids) but its probably a bit late for them now? I’ve also found that tomatoes are more concerned with warmth than light, although they certainly need some direct light and perhaps do better with more of it.

Don’t know how salty it is at your place, but I believe that asparagus does fine in the salt – although I know my kids would have zero interest in asparagus!

Posted over 8 years ago

Hi all; thanks for your replies… I don’t know how much sun it gets, I’ve never actually sat out there and timed it :-) although it is against a fence so would be shaded most of the day I suspect; it would get the radiating heat from the brick wall that might be helpful; will give it a try and see how it goes. It is quite salty in the front yard as we are in direct line to the beach and cop southerlies quite frequently. The back yard is quite protected as our house and most of the surrounding houses are two storey.

My kids would love asparagus so might give that a go.

Have bought some tomato plants today, will see how they go, no harm in trying.

Heres to a very busy weekend with sport etc, not much time for gardening but must make time to hand pollinate my flowers; it appears to have been quite successfull so far…

Does anyone know how long at this time of year the vines will flower for??

Regards once again


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Folia Helper


Hi and Welcome Melissa. Regarding the passionfruit, I know little about them but Getafix has a passion for them ;-) and some success, he’s in your neck of the woods too so the conditions should be similar.
I’d suggest you make contact with him and see if the cross fertilization helps any - groan

Posted over 8 years ago

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