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Hi Gardeners :)

I live in Perth WA and have moved into my house a few months ago and very excited about getting my new garden productive. I love to compost and am passionate about Bokashi ……. very keen to start producing some food.
I am hoping to get some good ideas from this site and looking forward to following some of your gardens.
Happy Gardening :)

Posted over 8 years ago

Congratulations on the New House!! How long have you been in? We moved in Feb! Do you have an existing garden? or is it a blank slate….with lots of potential? Have fun!!

Posted over 8 years ago


Folia Helper


Hi Lacewing,
Good to see some more excitement, it really must be spring time!
Agronaught is a fan of Bokashi too so you are in good company – of course!

Posted over 8 years ago

Awww Shucks! I’m getting a reputation already ;)

Welcome Lacewing.

Posted over 8 years ago

Thanks for the comments :) it’s nice to feel welcome.
We moved in to an existing garden about 6 mnths ago, had two massive nasty water gobbling cocos palms removed a couple of weeks ago. There are some nice natives in the garden including a lovely yellow flowering gum (WA native I think) but the soil is very neglected which makes it difficult for veg – lots of work to do :)

Agronaught do you dig your bokashi in? I have been but am drawn to the concept of a “no dig” garden so think I will experiment with composting it… Okay, just read your cool journal entry, I will follow up with comments there :)

Posted over 8 years ago

Hi and welcome from Qld

Posted over 8 years ago

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