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Hi there - thanks for the welcome Graibeard - From Beverley in Canberra

Hello there to everyone -

I love my garden, but like a lot of people with work and family – it’s neglected more often than I’d like.

Does anyone have experience in growing citrus in cold winter (down to -3 at least a few times a year)/ hot summer (often hitting 35) environments?

Some people say – Lemon/Lime are good, other literature says Mandarins can do better…..

I’d love to hear about successes, and know about failures…
I’m wondering if I should protect my latest Mandarin baby tree (40cm) in a container in a protected area.

looking forward hearing from fellow gardeners

Posted over 8 years ago


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Life does get in the way at times, but all is forgiven when we do find the time again – well most times anyway! :-)

I’ve no experience in your climate but I believe the highs you mention won’t be a problem. As I recall they thrive in the heat, although they can suffer from sun scald on the bark if overly exposed. They once used whitewash painted on the exposed areas to reduce the risk of damage in extreme heat but a well pruned tree (plenty of leaf cover) shouldn’t suffer too much. As for the low temperatures I think they’ll survive the occasional -3 C day as well. Around the Sunraysia area (Mildura, Shepparton) they grow (grew?) Oranges and Mandarins with success, or did before cheap imports killed them. In that area you get both those temperature extremes.

If you join, and post your question, to the Citrus lovers group you may have a wider audience and get an answer from someone with first hand experience :), and being subscribed you’ll get notification of any replies (through your Recent Activity, group link)

Happy gardening!

Posted over 8 years ago


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Hi Beverly, Canberra know it well used to go there once or twice a week, taking down supplies from Sydney and delivering to all suburbs including Queanbeyan & Cooma, pulled the hand brake on for the last time early this year and am now retired.

Don’t see you having a problem with citrus our temps here range from -2 to 40+ we have just finished picking our mandarin and are now starting on our oranges these are 2 of the most neglected trees you could ever come across, and without any intervention from me they just produce bucket loads of fruit every year much to much for us so we just box them up put them outside with a note “for free” , knowing where your from and until you get you tree established you can use frost cloth Bunnings sell it, keep it covered till all danger of frost has gone, once citrus has established itself they go well

Posted over 8 years ago

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