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If anyone else wants to pick up some of the slack and send out an introduction message then feel free to do so. The following is what I use so you can copy and paste as is, or modify it to add your own touch.

You can of course make your own and if you do that then just insert the link given below (if it’s for Aus and NZ gardeners!) amongst your welcoming message, so that they are pointed to the invitation page.

Once that’s done then send it out (once) to those who have recently joined. The list of new members can be found on the latest gardeners page at the following links, Australia and New Zealand.
The intention is to send it as a message to each new users mailbox – Send xxxxx a message – available as a link from their front page.

The following message links are for a “heads up” to the known welcomers – a blank message, titled with the new members name can be sent to reduce the number of welcome messages sent. (Don’t let this get in the way of welcoming a new member though, feel free to be human and just wing it!)
Message to graibeard

Thanks for your help chobbzy, Tomatyr. Happy gardening!

Message from graibeard

Hi ,

Welcome to Folia. It's a great site and has a lot to offer.

While Folia's strong point is in the record keeping - _The Gardener's Diary_ - there is also a social aspect. This gives you the opportunity to meet up and exchange ideas with fellow gardeners that are growing all types of plants and in many varied and, perhaps, unusual locations - you may not be alone after all!

If you want to introduce yourself then we'd be pleased to meet you over at the "Welcome page for Australian and New Zealand gardeners.":

Even if you don't actively participate in discussions, there is a strong chance that your plants and notes will be of interest to someone else, so a quick introduction could speed up the exchange of ideas, where everyone and their plants benefit. :)

If you have any questions or want to have a discussion about gardening in Australia or New Zealand then that group is also a place to make a start from.
Seed saving and swaps for our area of the world can be posted on the "Seed Saving, Swapping and Networking in Australia": group (you'll need to _join_ that group first though), for NZ'ers the "NZ group": can also be a starting point.

Whatever you decide to do, Welcome to Folia and enjoy your gardening time, both here and in your own garden.

Just another Folian gardener.

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Folia Admin

United Kingdom8

Great idea, graibeard – this sounds like an excellent way of welcoming new members! :)

Posted over 9 years ago


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I hope so, we’ll soon find out. I’m glad you didn’t choke supporter’s mail limits either. I feel like a spammer – dirty :)

Posted over 9 years ago

I like your choice of plants. I grow all the usual things but as I have a nice warm mico-climate I really like growing things like pineapples. My banana died from lack of water, but before the drought I thrived here.

Posted over 9 years ago

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