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Welcome to all gardeners, and in this particular groups case, Australian & New Zealand gardeners.

This group is to give you an opportunity to introduce yourself to your fellow Australian and New Zealand gardeners, and also to the Folia community at large.

You’ve probably arrived at this page because you’ve recently joined and, out of the blue, a message has landed in your inbox pointing you here. If you haven’t received that message then the very human autobot is catching up on sleep, or has gone dormant for a while. If you’ve received it multiple times then rest assured that you’re not being stalked, it’s probably just another very human autobot that has woken up and joined the fray (organic robots don’t communicate too well sometimes.)
Perhaps you’ve stumbled on this group as you’ve been looking around – it doesn’t matter, read on.

Introduce yourself.

Your home page gives you space to write an introduction about yourself as well as list your hobbies and specific gardening interests.
Consider this group to be an opportunity to announce your arrival. ;)

To introduce yourself here, you can start a new topic where you can give us a long, or short, run down on yourself and your gardens or just say “Hello”
There is, of course, no obligation to do so, but we would like to hear from you so don’t be too shy. Go ahead and take your 15 minutes of fame, give us something more to work on other than a location. :)

If you think your garden is too small or too big – rest assured it is not. If you think you are growing the wrong type of plants (if there is such a thing?) – well, you’re wrong there too, odds are that someone else will love them just as much. If you think that you’re a total newb and are too embarrassed to admit that – well, we’re all newbs in some fashion, we all make mistakes but are keen to improve.

What happens after that?

Not much really, you’re free to go and potter (just as you were before). Explore, enjoy and we hope to see you around.

You may find that your introduction will be welcomed with a follow up post by another Folian member, or it may be done silently when someone adds you to their follow list, perhaps they’ll just contact you privately via the message system.

You may even find that no one responds. Don’t take offence though, a lot of gardeners go dormant or wander off down to the local nursery for a while, they are probably stuck there with no means to get their impulse purchases home. They could even be out in the garden doing the right thing!
The activity on Folia is also fairly relentless, it rolls on regardless and “older” posts drop off the radar quickly.

Find out who’s here.

Folia is about Gardening of all types, sizes and locations. It’s not about any specific region, but there are some useful pages to point you to people, gardens and activities in your area. These can be found at the respective Australian and New Zealand pages under the various tabs – Overview, Gardeners, Gardens, Map, Journals, Retailers
Local milestone activity is also available that is specific to planting activity near you.
Using these links allows you to find nearby gardeners, the rest is up to you.

After that urge is satisfied then don’t forget to meet the worlds gardeners either. It’s a large, friendly and constantly expanding community, it’s also a very helpful and knowledgeable one.


You may have hit the ground running and need no help, or you may have joined and then stalled and wondered what to do next? You are not alone! It can be overwhelming when you arrive as there are a lot of features available, and it can take a while to find and utilize them all.

If you’re having trouble then the HELP page is well worth a read, in fact it’s probably a must read.
If your question is not answered there then head over to the groups area and have a look around or post a query directly to the Help group. That group is very active and you’ll receive a response quicker than if you post it here.

Tutorials and Videos

Chobbzy has put together two presentations as an aid to newcomers. They give an overview of the site, in particular the Dashboard (your home page) and the Timeline. Have a look at them now, or bookmark them for later viewing. Either way you’ll find the time taken to be well spent.

What’s your Hardiness Zone

If you want some clues on working this one out then there are a few sources under the topic here, Zone maps for Australia.

Over to you…

Go for it! we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Anyone wanting to help in the welcoming process, please see this post.

Posted about 9 years ago


Folia Helper

United States7

graibeard, this is a very well laid out welcome page! Kudos!

Posted almost 9 years ago

Hey Graibeard!! I have only just found your welcome!!! but I have been doing this for a month!
I don’t even know how I found this site!!! It’s a bit weird cos I spend a lot of my day looking at Hort stuff on the internet!!!
Anyway I am addicted to it now!!!
Thanks!!! lol

Posted over 8 years ago

This post has been split into a new conversation: Thanks for the welcome

thanks for the welcome. I think I’m going to like this site – I just hope I can find some more time for my garden so I have something interesting to post! The most spectacular thing in my garden at the moment is my beautiful magnolia which has come out in spectacular fashion. I think Spring really is on the way

Posted almost 8 years ago

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