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I have been away for a long time. We have been and are still dealing with some traumatic family issues, and it was never my intention to set up a group and then leave it.

I love this site and I feel that it is one of the best ones I have ever seen. A community that geniunely helps each other. How often do we see that? People are becoming very self-absorbed in our world, and it is refreshing to see some old-timey sharing and concern here.

I first got “the bug” for seed swapping here, and have never stopped doing it.

So I am sorry for not having cared for my groups in a while. And I am thankful to Nic for not relieving me of the groups which I created. I remember talk “many moons” ago about putting a time limit on a persons disappearance before re-assigning stagnant groups to someone who would actually do something with them. Thank you to those of you who have been watching my groups. I owe you a lot. If I decide that I just can’t do it anymore, I will let Nic know so that she can give my groups to someone who will keep up with them.

Thanks again!!

Posted over 5 years ago

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