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How do I grow green onions?

I’ve started some seeds (McKenzie’s Onion, Annual Bunching) which are doing nicely inside under my grow light so far.

My goal is to harvest green onions through the summer, probably planting more seeds as time goes on. I’m having a hard time finding good information on growing them as green onions, other than “spacing is not as important” vs growing them regularly.

What should I space them at?
When do I harvest them? When they look like the ones in the grocery store, I guess? Can I harvest leaves as I need them or should I harvest the whole plant?

Also some people have told me that you can plant the bottom part of green onions and they will grow again. Is this worth it?

Thank you for any advice! Maybe there’s a good article on them somewhere.

Posted over 6 years ago

Hi Muddslide, I wrote a post on this topic you might find helpful to answer your questions – Guide to Growing Spring Onions.

Posted over 6 years ago


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Micro_Gardener, thanks for providing that useful information. I LOVE your website and just today, referred someone to it who will be working with handicapped children in schools to show them how to garden & have fun doing it. I also referred him to Folia & told him you were a member.

Mudslide, thank you for bringing up this topic. I have to admit that I have passed up bunching onions lately, in favor of onion sets for bulbing onions, but you and The_Micro_Gardener, have made me realize that I really do want to grow them again for many of the reasons The_Micro_Gardener brings up in her guide.

Coincidentally, I found the cut off bottom of an onion in my compost heap with very large sprouts growing out the top. I took it out with the idea of either planting it in the garden or in water on my kitchen windowsill. I’m not sure what the final outcome will be, but I’m always up for a little experiment….

Best of luck with your green onions!

Posted over 6 years ago

Hi Loratika

Thanks so much for your feedback and referral. Glad the article is useful.

Onions grow shoots best in soil, based on my experience and yours was probably thriving in your healthy compost! I replant my onions that shoot in the bottom of the pantry into a garden close to the house so I can snip the green tops to use in cooking. I grow lots of spring onions/Welsh bunching onions and onions in the garden but have also regrown the spring onions on the kitchen bench from roots. Have fun with your experiment!

Posted over 6 years ago

Thanks Micro_Gardener! I’ve read the whole article and it’s going to help a lot for my spring onions. :) I also have a few onion bulbs from my cooking left over that I have sitting in a glass of water on my windowsill- so we’ll see!

Posted over 6 years ago

Great Muddslide! Keep us posted with the outcome. Have fun!

Posted over 6 years ago

Here’s a photo of my spring onions placed in a glass of water at exactly 1 week. WOW!!! You can see where I cut them even all the way across and they have all grown like crazy in only 1 week. They all have at least 2 new leaves though it’s kind of hard to tell in the pic.

I’m just so impressed how quickly this worked. The window they are in is not even that bright. I’m going to let them keep growing until the next time I cook with green onions.

Posted over 6 years ago

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