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scapes on soft neck garlic

I noticed my transylvanian, an artichoke variety of softneck garlic, was forming scapes. According to Hood River Garlic Farm’s information sheet, softnecks can do this when they are ready for harvest and a bit stressed. So I harvested them today and the bulbs looked ready—most were big, too. Has anyone else gotten scapes on a soft neck?

I also noticed the red janice and thai purple were starting to fall over so harvested them too.
I wasnt able to follow the advice of letting the garlic dry out after the solstice because i couldn’t make it stop raining. So i never got yellowing leaves. I have been cooking with 1 red janice bulb and it had 12 huge cloves—seemed ready.

Posted about 7 years ago | Last edited about 7 years ago

I was the worse at labeling my garlic so when I got scapes I thought I must have planted a hardneck variety. Fast forward a few months and I was reviewing my garlic order… all softnecks. So yes, I have gotten scapes from softnecks.

Posted about 7 years ago

Scapes may form on soft-necked garlics if the right combination of temperature and day-length are encountered during pre-planting storage, and during plant growth.

Posted over 6 years ago

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