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No Dice on the Nodding Onions

I did two sowings of nodding onions this spring, one in March and another in April.

I presume that the placement of them in the far back right square of my bed as seen in my Flickr photo, probably wasn’t the ideal choice, but still, I find it odd that not one of these germinated. This incidentally is where the joints are for the drip irrigation, so that usually means more dripping than elsewhere, but still, I’m trying to figure out if this is just bad seeds or perhaps these will maybe kick-in later. Any thoughts?

Posted about 8 years ago
I see that you purchased the seeds on Ebay. I have heard bad stories about unscrupulous sellers on Ebay, I hope you didn’t get zapped. If none of them germinated, I would complain to the seller… or at least give feedback stating so. The only way to weed out the jerks is to communicate your results. You may be the only one who had bad luck with his seeds, but I would definitely report my issues.

I’ve never grown nodding onions from seed. We had our front ditch covered with them last summer and I tried to transplant some into a better location with no luck.. So far they haven’t shown up this year although I’m watching for them to try again. This year if they do show up, I’ll try to save seeds in addition to transplants.

Do you know if nodding onions and Egyptian Walking onions are the same thing?

Posted about 8 years ago | Last edited about 8 years ago

All onions i’ve planted have sprouted from seed without 4 or 5 days.. it sounds like maybe you got ripped off if it was a bad ebay seller.

Posted about 8 years ago

I don’t know what happened but when I read up on onion seeds recently I found this site which explains growing onions from seeds fairly well. This person starts his seeds inside and seems to be quite knowledgeable. Maybe it will help?

Posted about 8 years ago

@SerenDippity – Egyptian Walking are different, you can visit a site about them and see that they’re quite different from just about anything actually. The Nodding or Prairie Onions really got my attention for their visual quality, have a look.

@neonpirate – I emailed the seller, so we’ll see what happens.

@Fhaith – Great overall guide to onions, thanks

Posted about 8 years ago

Native Trivia
Though all parts are edible, Nodding Onion is not considered to be of significant culinary value. The juice of the plant is used as an insect repellent, specifically for moths. The juice can be applied to exposed skin in order to repel biting insects."

has anyone tried eating one? Anyone tried the insect repellence?

Posted about 8 years ago

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