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when to start onions from seed in the Pacific Northwest

I have never grown any onions, garlic or shallots from seed before, I once tried to grow shallots from bulbs but they failed.

I just got free cippolini onion Seeds from seeds of Change, so I would like to try them. Any advice on growing onions from seed, or about this variety, or when to plant, or about growing onions in the Pacific Northwest is very welcome.
Posted over 8 years ago

Hello, I was just reading Mel Bartholomew of Square Foot Gardening fame. I wanted to try seeds too because, that you can find a more unique onion that way. He suggests July and August for the next years crop. In a one foot square use 20-40 seeds. Water and weed DO NOT THIN. In 2 months rake over the tops, pull when they brown and air dry. Then plant the next spring.

Posted about 8 years ago | Last edited about 8 years ago

I just prepare a large (2′×2′?) square, pile it up, make sure the soil is loose and make a square raised bed out of it. No need for wooden sides just a pile. Then plant the onions seeds evenly over the surface, in rows if you have that much patience. Cover lightly with dirt and water when it’s dry. That’s all I do.

Posted about 8 years ago…; just posted this to doubledug – hope this helps.

Posted about 8 years ago

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