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In trying to preserve what I grow I did lots of research, here is what I learned

This is the first summer I’ve had a garden, it is a really awesome and rewarding experience! I really enjoy being able to provide for myself. I’m also a vegetarian, so having fresh veggies is keeping me (and the wife) very happy. Since my garden was so prolific, I’ve had a few things go bad before I was able to eat them. That made me sad, so I started looking into how to keep that from happening. I wanted to have veggies and fruits that I grew well into winter. I’ve canned a bunch of stuff now, but I wanted to be able to re-use the mason jars and lids once I have sealed them and then subsequently opened them later. This lead me to discover Vacuum Sealing.
Now, a little about myself…whenever I intend to purchase something I kind of obsess over it. I want to make sure I not only get the best deal but the best thing suited for me. I did a LOT of research on vacuum sealers and decided to share it in an article for anyone else who is in the same boat as me and wants to extend the longevity of their produce.
Please, be gentle. This is the first article that I have written :) At the very least I hope you learn something from me.

You can read what I wrote at ( of course! Please and thank you!

If you have any questions about vacuum sealers and preserving food, please ask. I am thrilled to answer them!

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