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Anyone has experience sun drying produce?

I am new to preserving produce (never grow enough, ;-b). Anyway, I wonder if a drying rack is an adequate environment-friendly substitute to dehydrator. What can i dry in a drying rack and what has to use electric dehydrator? I live in northern California, not as hot as southern Ca but humidity is still relatively low.

Posted over 5 years ago

I tried a few times Solar sun-drying. This method is old-school and utilizes the power of the sun to dehydrate whatever food you want, but this method is really only a viable option for those living in climates with 100+ degree heat and relatively low humidity. For what kind of fruits/veggies you are asking?

Posted over 3 years ago

I tried Electric Dehydrating and I didn’t like it. This method of dehydrating involves the intimidating-to-amateurs commercial dehydrator. You don’t have to watch your fruits dehydrating with this machine like you do with the oven, which is a big plus for some people, but if you don’t already have a dehydrator, don’t bother with this method because the above two methods work just fine.

Posted over 3 years ago

My husband bought solar-drying machine. I am very concerned about food safety and want to avoid any unnecessary risks. Based on the reliability of electric home dehydrators which were discussed last month, I’m tending to favour them for use in our part of the world. Meanwhile, each summer I continue looking for ways to enhance the performance of small-scale solar drying units. Whatever your personal preference, enjoy your drying experiences and be safe.

Posted over 3 years ago

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