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Following on from the previous suggestion about multiple currencies, we want to lower the bar to trying supporter features and at the same time make it easy for people to pay how they see fit.

I am aware that this is not efficient in terms of payment processing costs, but I don’t care. If someone pays you a pound a month, and you keep 76p of it, that’s still £9.12 over the course of a year, which is pretty close to what you’ll get from $16. If they pay you two pounds a month, and you keep £1.73 of it, that’s £20.76 over a year.

So, consider offering the options to:

- buy a month’s membership one-off at £3 generous, £2 waged, £1 unwaged
- buy a year’s membership one-off at £30 generous, £20 waged, £10 unwaged
- enter into a monthly PayPal subscription ditto
- enter into an annual PayPal subscription ditto

Finally, you should not preclude the option to go in the other direction for those who are not short of money by offering a life membership for e.g. £200 or so; members beget members, so if somebody wants to pay you ten years’ worth then maybe they should get a life membership?

Posted about 6 years ago

I would LOVE for there to be an auto renewal option, annually. Even more love a lifetime membership – I’d never have to remember to pay again! Have you considered Folia gardening t-shirts?

Posted almost 6 years ago


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United States5b

Actually, folia does have t-shirts and more! Check out to see what’s there.

Posted almost 6 years ago

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