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Today I set out my first bag of potatoes First Early ‘Rocket’. I stood them all up together & I managed to get them all into just one standard seedtray! I stood the end with the most eyes up to the light, I believe this part is called the “rose”. It wasn’t an easy matter on some of them! When I had finished putting the in I put a transparent cover over the top of them to keep them warm & I hope safe from a mouse that has been destroying some of my sowings, like the first sowing of Sweetpeas & my recently germinated onion seedlings. These were pulled out & left on the surface of the compost.

When these potatoes have developed some nice sturdy eyes I intend to plant them in my own allotment, Plot 12A. I hope to do this in the first days of March. I shall have to watch the weather forecasts carefully once they are planted as for two consecutive years we have had a frost during the first week of May. A lot of people on the allotments field had their spuds set back several weeks when the uncovered tops were killed off by the late frost.

As Gerry’s & mine hadn’t started to come through the soil, except a few rows of one variety, we weren’t affected, but others had their unprotected plants damaged. The previous year, 2010, the frost in May caught everybody by surprise as we had become used to frost free Mays for a number of years. Fortunately Gerry had covered his potatoes with soil during the afternoon of the night when we had the frost so, apart from the tips of a few leaves that didn’t get covered, his potatoes were unharmed. A great many people weren’t so fortunate & their potato tops were killed off setting the hopes for early spuds back by several weeks. A lot of people also lost the Runner/green beans to the unexpected frost. As Gerry hadn’t brought his plants down to the allotment his plants were saved. Other people had to start again from scratch.

Posted over 7 years ago

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