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Potato Tower

Has anyone tried growing potatoes in a tower. I have a picture and description of our technique in my garden blog.

The potatoes that are supposed to grow out of the sides have not yet made an appearance, and I am getting nervous. I really like fresh potatoes, but we do not have the space to plant enough plants to make it worthwhile, so this hack is a way to take advantage of vertical space.

Any suggestions, ideas?

Posted about 10 years ago


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That is a cool idea! I don’t know anything about doing it that way though. We have a lot of space, so my husband brought about 6 or 7 50 gallon drums home, and is cutting them in half to put the potatoes in. Is it just the two of you? Because you can do the same thing with a plastic trash can. Just cut it in half, and burry the seed potatoes in straw.

I don’t know if it is too late for you or not being in 8b. You said yours are already planted, but as a contingency plan, if they don’t come in, you could do this…

Posted about 10 years ago

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