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2013 - What peppers (hot of course) are you growing this year?

I’ll start it off with mine:

Aji Crystal
Jalapeno (volunteer from last year’s planting)
Thai Chilie

(BTW, I have the Aji and Thai for swap if anyone is interested in an even trade)

Posted over 6 years ago

I am doing too many. I can’t seem to help myself (:

In the main veggie garden beds:
Ancho San Luis Poblano, Anaheim, Cascabel, Corno di Toro X, Giant Portugal, Giant Mexican Rocoto, Isleno, Jalapeno M, Najluti, New Delhi Long, Thai Dragon, Tunisian Baklouti,

In the greenhouse:
Aji Hot Lemon, Bird’s Eye Black, Chocolate Habanero, Fatalii, Indian NoID, Bolivian Wild, Guam Boonies, Jamaican Red, Kalia Mirch, Meidler Spiral, Peruvian White Hab, Pusa Jwala, Bhut Jolokia Brown + 2 of last years overwintered plants, the Bhut Jolokia & Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

In planters throughout the backyard:
Black Pearl, Calico, Chinese 5 Colour, Fish, Purple Tiger

I have a list of another 15 that I would LOVE to find a spot for, but just don’t think I have the time to make any more beds. Maybe I will con friends into growing them for me & giving me a few to taste in return for the seedlings!

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Folia Helper

United States4b

I have started the following in an indoor greenhouse before transplanting:
Hot Pepper-Anaheim Chili
Hot Pepper-Big Thai Hybrid
Hot Pepper-Long Slim Red Cayenne

Posted over 6 years ago

Early Jalapeno
Bhut Jolokia
Thai Dragon
Hot Banana
Ring of Fire

Off the top of my head. I am missing a few (2 or 3 more), plus I will be growing 3 or 4 varieties of sweet peppers.

Posted over 6 years ago

Jumbo Jalapeno (Mucho Nacho)
Long Thin Cayenne
Hot Chocolate Habanero
Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper)
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Strain
New Mexico (6-4L)
New Mexico (Big Jim)
Peruvian Aji

Posted over 6 years ago

@nickyn – holy crow! What do you do with all those peppers?

Posted over 6 years ago

I’ve ony selected for this year:
Jalapeno NuMex Vaquero    
Mulato Isleno    
Pasilla Bajio    

I saw on the listing available at the Sunshine Community Garden sale will be Trinidad Scorpion Moruga and Zimbabwe Bird and am thinking it might be fun just to try one……

Last years Jwala and Thai Hot were heavily used and huge producers.

Posted over 6 years ago

Aji “Pickled Frog”
Orange Habs
Bangalore Torpedo
Madre de Vieja
Exploding Fire
Zimbabwe Bird
Carribean Antillais
Trinidad Scorpion
Rocoto (red)
Lemon Drop
Chocolate Habanero

Plus a few that I forgot to label…

Posted over 6 years ago

I’m in a top floor apartment, so with limited space I’m sticking with habanero, jalapeno and poblano for now. I have all three up and going, will document the seeds that I’ll be planting this weekend.

Posted about 6 years ago

This year I’ve got my first batch of chillies
Firecracker x1
Jalapeño x3
Scotch Bonnet x2
Butch T x2
Currently also have a ton of seeds, with chiltepin, piripiri, Peter pepper, Tabasco, more ghost pepper and butch T as well as a few others from memory, I think there’s a habanero in there
Currently seedling – several ghost peppers, with their first two sets of leaves, and several more butch t
Propagating – chocolate brain strain (believed to be true Moruga scorpion), as well as a 5th generation peach ghost scorpion cross which are going up at an alarming rate!

The scotch bonnets are the ones I really want to see go up, I have an awesome jerk recipe I want to try over summer!

Posted almost 6 years ago

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