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New chile pepper study puts Moruga Scorpions at top of Heat/Heap



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The Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University has completed a study that started in March of 2011 of some varieties of Trinidad Scorpion, 7 Pot, and Bhut Jolokia showing that Moruga Scorpions top out at over 2 Million SHU!

Here’s a link that interviews Jim Duffy, one of the seed growers for the study. His store-front is here.

This was an extensive study with 3 separate labs validating the results. Stay tuned for a new Guiness World Record…

Posted over 7 years ago | Last edited over 7 years ago

Cool news! I have ordered some Butch T Trinidad’s from Pepper Joe’s since my son is determined to grow the hottest pepper possible. Looks like I’ll have to send out for some seeds from Jim Duffy as well. These super-hots are scary and must be handled with EXTREME caution, but we have found that if they are used carefully they actually have a lot of nice fruity flavour behind all that heat.

Posted over 7 years ago

I like hot pepper with natural aroma.It is siling labuyo!It has healing effects.The birds knew it.

Posted over 4 years ago

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