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Storage and my first goof :o(

I made my first harvest a couple of weeks ago – see pic. Getting a good haul off various plants from the greenhouse I popped them all in an air tight ‘tupperware’ type box and left them for 2 weeks. Since the box was in the kitchen I could watch some of them going from red to green on the shelf. Sadly when I opened the box 2 weeks later to add a couple to a stir fry I was most saddened to see they had gone mouldy/furry :o(

Having just watched Danny619’s video
I can see they have stored there harvest in (what I call) ziplock bags.

I’m guessing part of my problem was the storage area – I kept them in the kitchen. But when you guys are keeping fruits for store rather than use in the next couple of days how do you keep them?

If you freeze them do they stop ripening? Would a cold larder/cupboard be a better place?

One of my plans for a few friends is to give them chilli oils for christmas, but I would prefer to harvest sooner before the good old English winter sets in (lots of my plants are in the greenhouse still).

So comments, thoughts, suggestions, links if you have any would be most welcomed.



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I dice and freeze peppers. If I want them to ripen more I keep them open on the counter, but I have to watch carefully and if they start getting wrinkly even if they are still green I dice and freeze them (I actually have a bunch of korean peppers I need to do that with today or tomorrow). You can freeze whole hot peppers (chiles) without any cutting but sweet peppers need to have the membranes and seeds removed to prevent bitterness. I prefer to wash/dice mine before freezing so I can just throw them into whatever as is.

Apples kept with unripe fruit can also help them ripen faster.

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Hello, Sorry you lost some peppers that way !!! I was indeed utilizing Ziplock bags. In the ’fridge tho for a few days till I could smoke then put them in our dehydrator. The Bishops Hats have been really good stuffed. I agree with Tash wash them well beforehand. The thinner “Asian” types will dry pretty nicely in a strainer basket/colander. There are a plethora of cold smoking videos on youtube. This method works equally well for cheese and fish ! Freezing can create health issues if you were to allow the peppers to thaw then sit out all day. If you have enough I think once you try smoking you will be hooked on the way it transforms the complexity of “YUM” !!!

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