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Can anyone identify this chilli plant please?

Hello all,

I’ve got this plant, it was given to me by a nice old lady who couldn’t remember what it was!

I’ve attached a picture, the little inset is of the fruit with a usb stick next to it for scale.

Any suggestions,



Posted almost 8 years ago

Hello Marcus, I just now saw this post. I think the best place to start is the flower will be of the most help in species id placement. It is a beaut. ! I will wager a guess as Bacctum species. If the inner flowers are a greenish stripe hue. I have found to be a great source of knowledge. Are the peppers growing upright or down that can be a determining factor as well. This looks somewhat like yours (maybe ?) I would love some seeds regardless !! I can swap most all I have in my gardens lists. Good Luck !

Posted almost 8 years ago

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the reply. The chillies are growing upwards, but at the moment there are no flowers (that I can see) on the plant to take a pic of.

Looking through the Chilieman site (ta for that pointer!) I reckon I’ve got something like the Aji Exploding Fire plant.

This certainly seems to be the best grower on the window sill garden, as the scotch bonnet plant close to it has only produced one pepper so far and about 200 flowers that just fall off :o(

One is going orange at the moment so I think I’ll have a ripe one in the next week to season off and try out.

Posted almost 8 years ago

Marcus OK I reread your post ha ! The pic insert got me… I am glad to know you have narrowed down the search !

Posted almost 8 years ago

Not sure, but I believe flowers falling off with no fruit could mean to much nitrogen in soil. I think I read that somewhere.

Posted over 7 years ago


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hmmm. I don’t know the name either, but they look very much like an unnamed variety of pepper that I grew in Florida that was very very hot. I thought it was a jalepeno, even though it was smaller and a little different in shape, but it most definitely was not!

Posted over 7 years ago

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