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Wanted: A local gardener to look after this group.



Folia Helper


Skills required?
Typing preferred, interested in gardening, likes to chat with other gardeners, likes to listen to other gardeners.

What do you have to do?
Nothing really.
It helps though if you’re a regular site visitor, or are willing to respond when someone does post (as caretaker you will get an email for every new member – you can welcome them if you like – and also an email for every new post).
You can use it to rally the troops, post local events, just generally use this notice board for anything garden related for NZ members. If you do this it could work wonders for the gardening cause in your neck of the woods.
Still have questions? The Folia Group Caretakers may help, or just post below and ask them here.

Pay rates and conditions?
The same as every one else – zilch.

Just as every Aust & NZ gardener is, on joining the Folia site, automatically a member of the Aust & NZ Welcome and Chat group, every NZ member automatically gets signed up to this group (and can leave at any time they want to).

So this could be a great resource for NZ’ers to communicate about matters that are relevant to them – you. All it needs is a cheerleader (caretaker) and a team (you’ve got at least 200 already).

There have been 4 new members sign up today (it must be a lovely day in NZ) and being springtime there will be a continual trickle of new members joining, but all the existing members will be here anyway

Why am I (an Aussie) caretaker of a NZ group? People come and people go, I keep this seat warm during the time that it remains vacant. It’s yours when you want it.

Posted over 6 years ago | Last edited over 6 years ago

I am willing to take over as caretaker.
I really appreciate all you have done to encourage local gardeners on folia, Graibeard.

Posted over 6 years ago


Folia Helper


Excellent. Thank you Hester and I’m always glad to help out.

Now that the very (not) official hand over ceremony has occurred, the wine just needs drinking! :-)

Your first task as caretaker can be to unsticky this topic and let it filter down the page.

Posted over 6 years ago

Hi there, i know it been a long time since this thread was started, what has happened since. Also i new to folia, so there’s lots to worl out how it all works.

Posted over 1 year ago

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