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Winter 2011/12 Forecast?

Say it ain’t so! Read this

Can’t decide whether to dismiss it or rush out and buy industrial quantities of burlap to protect my “vulnerables”. I thought “La Nina” had moved on…..

Dusting off the snow shovel and checking my salt supplies, as I type.

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cliff mass says its a double dipper la nina, which means cold, wet and snowy.

Posted over 6 years ago

Run that by me again! Cold, wet AND snowy. Sounds like a double dipper la nina equates to a double dipper recession then….aka depression. :(

Posted over 6 years ago

Sad news… makes me want hot chocolate. :)

→ walks off to make hot chocolate… -

Posted over 6 years ago


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United States7b

as long as it’s not as bad as last year! I was afraid it was going to be worse! Whew. bcgarden has the right idea though – i’m off to make hot chocolate too.

Posted over 6 years ago

anelson: thanks for all the links. Fascinating reading…albeit a bit depressing.

I’m not sure whether there’s any veracity in this – or if it’s just a piece of garden folklore I’ve acquired over the years – but I’ve just noticed my neighbour’s holly trees are simply smothered in ripening berries. If you believe such things, that’s also supposed to be a predictor of an extra cold winter to come…

I’ll bring the burlap, snow shovels and salt and bcgarden2010 and laurieann can bring the hot chocolate! :)

Posted over 6 years ago

The predicted cold and snow has finally hit. Next 2 week forecast is also for colder and wetter than normal.

Posted over 6 years ago

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