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Some months ago i planted some corms of Peacock Orchids in a big green plastic pot on the balcony these are now beginning to make progress. Until a week or so ago I hadn’t seen any sign of them & thought they had rotted away. Much to my surprise, & delight, I spied a couple of shoots several cm high. Since then I think all the corms have sprouted & are sending up their long, narrow sword-like leaves.

I grew these once before, quite a number of years ago now. I like them very much & I hope this time around I can conserve them for a number of years. They may not be as tough as Gladioli but I should be able to keep them safely through the winter. To this end when I planted them up I mixed a lot of vermiculite in with the compost to help with the drainage.

At the time of planting I also put some Freesias I had from the year before over the top of them. The Freesias did very badly last year but I found quite a few corms that were still in good form & looked as if they were of flowering size. These I put in the pot & they grew long before the Peacock Orchids. Then over the top of these I put in some Oxalis dieppe ‘Iron cross’. I only had a few of these but I like the colour of their foliage, more than the deep pink flowers which have very thin, weak stems. The leaves are divided into 4 segments & where they join in the centre there is a black blotch making an shape like an iron cross! These are flowering at the present moment, June 2017.

Posted 2 months ago

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