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Best Roses today

Fantin Latour, summer flowering only but worth the wait with perfume to match.
What roses are looking good for you today?

Posted 9 months ago


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United Kingdom8a

As I’ve only got the one, here is a photo of it as it looks at present on the balcony

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Very pretty :)

Posted 8 months ago

Princess Alexandra of Kent, Chartreuse de Parme, Souvenir de Louis Amade, Lucetta, Abraham Darby and Just Joey.

All are thriving in our horrendous heat. I think it’s because they are getting more water!

Posted 24 days ago

Hello Jap
What a lovely selection of roses you have in flower at the moment:) I’ve just googled the ones I was unfamiliar with….Chartreuse de Parme… what a beautiful colour :)
You have really cheered me up. The UK is cold and damp and quite windy today, in fact I’ve not been in the garden all week, so your news of delightful roses is very welcome.

Stories of the very hot conditions in Australia have been astonishing us here in England, we cannot even begin to imagine how hot you must be.
Keep cool :))

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