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If your roses have finished their first flush of lovely blooms, it is time to pep them up a bit.

Summer Flowering Roses.
These are old fashioned roses, beautifully shaped and perfumed, but sadly once they have flowered that is it for the year. The good news is they now make eye catching leafy shrubs but they need a bit of care.
Prune back the shoots that have flowered to about a half of their length, and on an established rose remove may be one or two very old canes, to make room for some fresh growth. Feed the plant by lightly working in a handful of blood fish and bone to the root area.
Summer flowering roses bloom next year on the growth they make now, so are not pruned with the rest of your roses in the dormant season.

Repeat Flowering Roses
These roses may take a little pause in flowering, while new growth is made that has a fresh load of buds on it. Dead head the old blooms, sometimes this can turn into a mini prune, to keep the shape of the bush or if you need to keep it in check. Usually, it is easy to see where to trim back to, as new red shoots are beginning. Work in lightly a hand full of blood fish and bone at the roots.

Climbers and Ramblers
Treat climbers like repeat flowering roses, but protect and tie in lightly any new (usually red) vigorous growth. This will flower next year and will be great to use when reshaping your plant in the winter.
Treat ramblers like summer flowering roses. Ramblers flower in a massive burst but do not repeat, so trim them back now with a pair of sheers. Now is the time to take out any very, very old stems if you need to, and tie in the fresh growth. Or just do nothing and let them ramble away, some have attractive hips in the autumn so are not even dead headed. Work carefully, in a hand full of blood fish and bone at the roots

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