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In June 2016 I thought it was about time I propagated some of my African Violets from leaf cuttings. I’ve done this on other occasions over the years with great success. But this time I wanted to propagate some of my Mini African Violets that I got from a Folia member a few years ago. Some of these plants are now showing their age & I’d like to keep them growing on for the future.

One of the easiest methods is to put them in a glass of water for a few weeks! (Shh! Don’t tell anyone but I’ve had a glass of cutting that rooted but were left for MONTHS before I got around to planting them up!) You just fill a plastic cup with water & then cover it with cling film or kitchen foil, make a few holes in it & push, carefully, the stems through it into the water. (As cling film won’t stick to plastic, put a rubber band around the cup to hold the film tight.) This does the double job of keeping the leaves in an upright position & keeping the base of the leaves from touching the water which could cause them to rot.

A few weeks later roots can be observed sprouting from the end of the stems. I suppose at this stage they could be potted up but I leave them a few weeks longer to let the plantlets begin to develop. I’ve even had plantlets develop their own roots in the water before potting up!

I planted my cutting up in small 2 & 1/2 inch square pots & I put them in the same window as the mother plants live in! Now I have a number of pots of mini AVs growing quite happily in the window.

Posted 23 days ago

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