Seed Swaps

Sept. 2018 Ready to mail for postage + $1 each. "African Violets" & "Episcias" both flowering & easy to grow house plants

For $8 postage I can send a box of 1 to 4 of these in USA before cold temps set in. Plus only $1 for each plant.
African violet babies (2" with 4 leaves) 2 of ‘Tomahawk’ (burgundy flower) & 6 of ‘Sansoucy Julie Marie’ a little smaller so I’ll send 2 (white flower)
Episcias – 3" starter plants with 3 or 4 leaves – 4 of ‘Lil Lemon’ (pink flower), 2 of ‘Pink Panther’ (pink flower) & 2 of ‘Country Star’ (red flower)

Posted 8 months ago

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