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Large pool area in to sunken garden

Hi folks,
I am from Oakville. I live with my husband and 2 kids. I have a cement swimming pool with a liner. Before my delivery, I am interested in swimming and it was one of my daily activity. But as my children grew up, I lost interest in swimming and I didn’t get time for pool maintenance. I don’t want t to keep the pool useless or make my yard mess.
I find time in gardening. It is very difficult for me to manage time for gardening. But still, I am interested in maintaining gardens and plants. My idea is to modify the pool to a sunken garden with the "assistance of a pool maintenance company. It does not mean clearing the pool completely. I planned a sunken garden with a small pool at the bottom and a waterfall at the far end. I will fix one bench inside the garden. It will look great and I can spend time in the garden. I am confused with wall cover. I am interested in plants so that it will get a natural look. I need suggestions on plants too. Has anyone seen this done? I would like to appreciate ideas on how to make this possible.

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Do you have space outside the pool for gardening?

I’ve seen lots of pools converted to natural ponds, but not into sunken gardens.

Here’s a couple on YouTube:

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There are a lot of things to consider with this, starting with how you will keep it from filling up with rain or plant watering (drainage) and whether there will be any problems with the walls not holding up. Your engineering should be set up before you choose plants, so you know if it’s even going to work.

I’ve seen this discussed online before, and with almost the same words for the small pool and waterfall. You could probably find a company that does water features for advice and possibly a quote. There may be good reasons why this isn’t done a lot.

There are also going to be access issues — going down and coming up, a good stair or ramp, if you don’t have stairs already. Garden debris will have to be removed sometimes, probably. If your kids are young, that could be an issue – whether they will fall in.

If it works out and the drainage issues are resolved, you could have pots or build retaining walls for garden beds down there. You’ll have to watch how much sun there is. You can have vines that grow up from pots or beds below and plants that hang down from pots above, if need be. You could get creative and have someone design and install a kind of plant shelf with pots partway up the wall at different levels.

If you’re going to have a company help you with the gardening, you should probably involve them in your planning as well to make sure you have things they are willing to take care of. They may also have recommendations for you as far as plants and how they could be planted.

Posted 12 months ago

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